Our Country Hearts Restaurant

We feature fresh, seasonal specials all year long.  During the cold Winter months we reach back into our country roots and cook-up hearty, home-cooked dishes.

Our famous Chicken & Biscuits is on the menu everyday.  And because people of all sizes & appetites like it, we serve it in full- and half- portion sizes for both lunch and dinner.  Better yet, it's served All-U-Can-Eat on Thursday nights.

January beginswith our traditional, homemade Pierogie, which will run through Easter.  Then for the second half of January we'll be making Jambalaya - which is full of flavor, but not too hot.

Below is a copy of the Monthly specials you'll find at Our Country Hearts.  Note that in addition to these published specials, we have several additional specials every day.  Come enjoy the tasty home-cookin' at Our Country Hearts!

Homemade Pierogie at Our Country Hearts Restaurant
 Jambalaya at Our Country Hearts Restaurant
 Warm, Homemade Bread Pudding at Our Country Heart's Restaurant