Specials April

Welcome Spring - we've missed you!

Our Country Hearts is celebrating the new season with tasty food.

April begins with our delicious Jambalaya.  A Louisiana Creole dish with Spanish & French influences.  Made with chicken, shrimp, sausage, rice, and vegetables.  Full of flavor, but not hot.  Runs April 2 - 15. 

Jambalaya at Our Country Hearts restaurant

Endicott Restaurant Week is April 17 - 26, this year and we're happy to be offering three of our favorite dishes.  Choose from:

  • Our famous chicken & biscuit,
  • Our delicious beef tips, or
  • Our traditional house-made pierogi.

Each meal is a 3-course prix fixe.

Also starting April 17, is Chicken Oscar.  This is juicy breast of chicken sauteed, topped with crab, fresh asparagus, and Hollandaise sauce.  Everyone loves it and well be cooking it through May 2.

Chicken Oscar at Our Country Hearts restaurant

Have you ever had a Banana Cream Pie?  If you have, then you know it's one of the most delicate, tasty pies available.   If not, then you're MISSING OUT!

They're light, creamy, and delicious.  They're also tricky to make, because the bananas have to be just right or else you get a "green" or "brown" pie.  That's why we get a special delivery of bananas from Down To Earth Whole Foods every week - in which they'll bring us the perfect bananas for our Banana Cream Pies.

Banana  cream pie at Our Country Hearts restaurant


Please note that we'll be closed for Easter Sunday, so that our employees can spend time with their non-work families.

Hope to see you soon!