Specials January

When days are short & temperatures cold, you can count on Our Country Hearts for tasty homemade comfort foods. Read about our January specials below.


Every Day Thru Easter

Eastern European foods are the culinary heritage of our area.  And Pierogi is one of the best known.  This delicate dough dumpling is stuffed with a potato filling, then fried golden brown with onions & butter.  They're really very, very good!  And our homemade Pierogi are some of the best you'll find around here.  (Most people say they're better than the ones they get at their own church!)

Homemade Pierogi at Our Country Hearts


January 16 - January 31

Beef Stroganoff starts with great beef tips.  To that, we add a creamy beef sauce with onions & mushrooms, served over egg noodles.  The result is an extra-tasty beef tips, that you'll want to order again & again!



Every Day Thru January 31

If you've never had bread pudding, then now's the time to try it.  Our baker, Nelly, has a delicious family recipe that she rolls out especially for cold winter, January days. You're going to love it!


Homemade Bread Pudding at Our Country Hearts