Specials September

September is Apple Month!

And we're ready to celebrate with delicious late-summer foods...

Come try our famous Apple Stacker Sandwich, some Apple Cider (when it becomes locally available in bulk), and finish it off with fresh Apple Crisp. Apple specials will run all month, but can be effected by the availability of fresh produce.

Apple Specials in September at Our Country Hearts Restaurant


Also popular in September is the return of our homemade Pierogi.  These little morsels pack a lot of flavor.  We usually run these in January through Easter (and we will again), but we thought it would be fun to try them at the end of the summer too.

Homemade Pierogi in September at Our Country Hearts Restaurant

Then in the second half of September we begin cooking our Stuffed Peppers. This tasty dish combines beef, pork, and rice inside a fresh green pepper and is topped with a tangy tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese. It's very good and it's available September 13 - October 4.

Stuffed Peppers in September at Our Country Hearts Restaurant


And with the end of summer comes the re-introduction of our delicious meatloaf - back onto our regular menu - as a seasonal special.  There are a lot of so-so meatloafs in the world, but not ours!  We make really flavorful meatloaf and serve it as both a dinner and a delicious sandwich.


Finally,Our Country Hearts is famous for its homemade desserts!  Come join us for fantastic Apple pies and crisps in September.

Homemade Apple Pie in September at Our Country Hearts Restaurant 

 Homemade Apple Crisp in September at Our Country Hearts Restaurant

Hope to see you soon!