Specials October

Our Country Hearts cooks the best hearty meals for October's cooler weather.



Ethnic Oktoberfest foods, like bratwurst, Polish kielbasa, Sauerbraten beef stew, German potato salad and sauerkraut .

Bratwurst & Kielbasa

Authentic German Bratwurst & Polish Kielbasa

Sauerbraten German Beef Stew Over Egg Noodles

Sauerbraten Beef Stew


Homemade Meatloaf

Our own secret recipe made into a delicious dinner or a tasty sandwich.
Homemade Meatloaf

Pecan Pancakes

Pecan Panckaes

Homemade Desserts

Homemade German Chocolate Cake at Our Country Hearts, available only in October
Homemade Pumpkin Crunch at Our Country Hearts, only available until THanksgiving
We make a lot of absolutely delicious desserts, however, most agree that Pumpkin Crunch is the best!  Come try it for yourself.